Bombay’s hot and humid weather not only creates skin problems but also ruins your hair texture. If you have straight hair then you probably have less to worry about. But if your hair comes in the curly or wavy department then you can say goodbye to those good hair days. Most of us have to tackle dryness, knots, frizz and other wear and tear caused by the city’s pollution. There are plenty of brands out there claiming to give you that frizz free hair but not all of them are within the price range. You need not worry as there are a few hair serums for a lesser price and they do the job just fine.

streax hair serumOne of these products that we’re talking about is the Streax Perfect Hair Serum. Yes, this is the same hair colour brand and they’ve introduced this new hair serum in the market. While it’s acceptable to be doubtful about this product, you can be sure that it will leave your hair feeling smooth. While it may not eradicate all the frizz, it does make your hair relatively manageable.

So what is this product?

The Streax perfect shine is a clear mixture that is said to smooth out frizzy and unruly hair with its natural moisture locking and conditioning effect of walnut oil. This, in turn, helps in smoothening your tresses leaving it shiny, nourished and manageable all day.

The product is best when used on damp hair, before styling and you can even re-apply it during the day. The consistency is not very oily unlike other brands like Levon and Silk & Shine as it’s almost water base.

streax hair serum

While this is not everyone’s first choice when it comes to hair products, it should be as the results are unbelievable. For someone with curly hair, you need not worry about your curls turning frizzy by the end of the day. Besides its frizz-free formula, other benefits are that it’s lightweight, travel-friendly packaging and gives you the perfect shine. This product also doesn’t contain silicones and best of all it’s within everyone’s budget.

You can get Frizz-free hair for only Rs.200, now isn’t that a deal?