Most of us women wear makeup to feel good about ourselves rather than to attract someone else. But with so many options in the market and with the invention of new products almost every day, this feel-good practice is burning a hole through our pockets. Luckily, there are a few tricks that can help save you a couple of bucks.

8 Makeup Tricks Every Woman Must Know!

1)      Eyeliner To Fill In A Bold Brow

Thin eyebrows are a thing of the past. Nowadays it’s more about achieving the Big Brow Look (BBL).

Big Brow Look

While some are blessed with the perfect brows, there are others who do need a little help in perfecting their BBL. If you fall under this category then you’re in luck. You don’t need to spend on an expensive brow pencil when your eyeliner will do the trick. You can fill in your brows with mild strokes.

But be sure to do it gently in order to get the perfect BBL and not end up looking like a bad makeup job.

2)      Prevent Lipstick From Feathering Or Bleeding:

One of the major issues with creamy lipsticks is that it transfers not only to other objects but also all over your face. No one wants to walk out in public with lipstick lines all over. 

Your best solution to this problem is your concealer powder or even talcum powder. Just dab a little around your lip to prevent your lipstick from smearing. This will not only prevent your lipstick from spreading all over but it will also give you a matte finish look. 

3)      Faster Way To Dry Your Nail Paint

Just painted your nails but don’t have time to wait for it to dry? If you want your nail paint to dry faster then just dip your fingers into a bowl of ice cold water.

But don’t expect to have dried nail paint the moment you remove your fingers from the bowl. It’s not instant drying but it does speed up the process.

4)      Shave Your Legs With Conditioner

Instead of spending on shaving cream, you can just use your conditioner. This will not only help you save some money but it will also keep your legs feeling smooth and hydrated.

5)      Make Perfume Last Longer:

Want your perfume to last longer? Well, here’s a trick that will surely help you. Just apply vaseline to your pulse points and spray perfume on it. This will make your scent adhere to your skin and also last longer.

6)      Blush As Eye Shadow

You probably know about this next trick. If you’re out of eye shadow or don’t have any subtle hues, you could probably use your blush as an option. 

7)      Lipstick As Blush

 And if you don’t have blush, your red or pink shade lipsticks will do just the trick. Blend it evenly on your cheeks and voila, you have rosy red cheeks.

8)      Make Your Lashes Look Fuller And Darker

A quick way to add depth to your eyes without using eyeliner is mascara stamping. Take your mascara and gently press it against the underside of your lashes to give them a fuller and darker look.