Nowadays, there are plenty of cosmetics brands coming up with new inventions to make our lives easier. Be it mastering the winged eyeliner, or creating the perfect contour, but for most people, these products aren’t within their price range. So we’ve got some age-old beauty hacks that will make you look glamorous without breaking the bank.

  • Create the perfect winged liner using a spoonCreate a winged liner using a spoon

You may think that this takes a lot of practice and a high-end eyeliner brand to achieve, right? Well, wrong, with a spoon you can get that perfect winged liner even with just your Rs. 95 Lakme liquid liner.

  • No more clumpy mascara!

remove excess mascara

Sometimes the mascara wands have a lot of extra product on the brush and applying this directly will make your eyelashes look very clumpy, what you will need to do is just glide the wand over a tissue paper before applying.

  • Fix a broken lipstick tube with a lighter

How to fix a broken lipstick

For this, you’ll need to flatten both ends of the broken part, and then warm it slightly with a lighter before sticking it in place. Once it’s stuck, you can just glide the lighter on the area and finally stick it in the freezer for some time to harden and Voila! Your lipstick is good as new.

  • A natural & effective makeup removerCoconut oil as makeup remover

Coconut oil has a lot of good uses. Besides strengthening hair, it can also be used as a makeup remover. All you have to do is massage the oil on your face and then wash it off with warm water.

  • Use Vaseline For self-manicures

Vaseline for self manicure

Doing your nails by yourself and don’t want it to be messy? A great hack is rubbing Vaseline around your nails before applying the polish. In this way, if you get any on your skin you can easily wipe it away.

  • Use lipstick as a highlighter

lipstick highlighter

This one you’ve probably heard of and Lakme has even come up with its own lip and cheek version. If you don’t have any highlighter or blush with you, don’t worry, your lipstick will work both ways. Simply apply it on your cheek and blend it properly.

  • Make Your Eyes Look Bigger

make your eyes look bigger

This simple and effective trick will keep you looking awake and also make your eyes look bigger. Using a nude eye pencil, you will have to line the inner rim of your lower eyelid.

  • Use eyeliner and cotton to create that smokey eye effect

smokey eye effect

After applying your liner, use a slightly wet cotton ball or even your finger to smear the content over your eyelids. This will give you that perfect smokey eyes effect.

  • Use powder to make your lipstick look matte.

matte lipstick

Don’t have a matte lipstick? No worries, you can turn your cream lipsticks into matte by simply dusting compact on your lips once the lipstick’s applied. It will give you a finish matte look but cannot guarantee it will last from 9 to 5.