We’ve seen plenty of promos for various bars around Mumbai serving their booze for a lesser price on a particular day or for a week or so, but there is one hidden gem in the tiny lanes of Bandra West which serves booze and food for a relatively cheaper price all year round.

PJ's bandraWe’re talking about PJ’s! This tiny restaurant is located in the SAISA gymkhana and it’s known for its mouth-watering food and pocket-friendly drinks.

Entry Fee

The resto-bar is located on the first floor but there is an entry fee. On the weekdays it’s Rs.50 while on the weekends it’s Rs.100. The restaurant itself is pretty small so if you decide to go after 7 p.m on a weekend, be prepared to wait a while for a table.


cheap booze in bombay,bars in bombayThere is nothing special about the interiors as it consists of basic wooden tables and chairs and a dimly lit room. But people don’t come here for the ambience but for its low-cost booze.


PJ's, cheap booze in bandra

The drinks itself like whiskey and rum start from Rs. 50 for 30 ml, while Old Monk small will cost you around Rs.30. Cocktails like Pinacolada and Mojito will set you back Rs.110.

pj's, bars in bombay,restaurants in bombayWith so much of cheap drinks, you are bound to order more than you usually do and when that happens, you’ll need something to munch down on. Luckily, they whip up some delicious food which won’t break the bank. Their non-veg specials include Teriyaki Chicken, Bacon Wrapped Prawns and Beef- Red Chilli Dry. While the vegetarians can opt for the chilli cheese toast and the mushroom tikka which are also a big hit.

So, the next time you have to treat your friends but strapped for cash, you can try this place out. You will land up spending relatively less as compared to any other bars in Bandra.


Address: SAISA Gymkhana, St. Anthony’s Institute, 33rd Road, Pali Hill, Bandra West
Phone number: 022 26058858