Pancakes are no longer just a breakfast meal and this tiny shop in Bandra proves that! Mini Pancakes and More is located on Cater road and they managed to whip up some very scrumptious pancakes starting from Rs 130.

mini pancakes and more

Why Should You Go Here?

If you’ve been to Cater Road, Bandra you’ll find a line of restaurants serving some amazing food for a reasonable rate and Mini Pancakes and More is one of them.

mini pancakes and more

The place is pretty small with only two chairs kept to the side, so if it’s crowded you might have to stand outside the store and eat. But you can watch the pancakes being made right in front of you as you ponder over how good they will taste.

mini pancakes

If you are confused as to what to try, the assortment of mini pancakes will give you a little taste of everything. 8 pieces, 4 flavours! And don’t be fooled by their size. They may look small but they are delicious and filling.


The pancakes are amazingly soft and fluffy and just melt in your mouth. While each flavour is different from the rest, they are all equally good. The flavours in the assortment plate are cream cheese with strawberry, caramel, Nutella, and dark chocolate. If you’re a Nutella fan, then it goes without saying that this is the best one. The other must try is the Nutella cookie crumble and ice cream. These mini pancakes are covered with Nutella and topped off with vanilla ice cream.

Besides pancakes, they also have some very flavourful milkshakes. There is the Chocolate monster which consists of Nutella, Brownie and Choco Chip and the Unicorn which is Bubblegum flavour topped off with fairy floss. They also have mocktails and even coffee for all you caffeine lovers out there.

Address: CCD Lane, Carter Road, Bandra West

Phone number: +91 9769547738