Amazon—the online store where you can find anything and everything. With so many sellers and the endless number of items, many unique products might not show up on the first page unless you know what exactly you’re searching for. You’ll be surprised by the number of hidden gems present on this shopping site.

Lucky for you, I combed through Amazon and found a few unique treasures that deserve to see the light of day. From motion detector night lights to bags perfect for your groceries *making adulting a bit easier* to mini table games, you’re sure to love these Amazon gems.

Motion Detector Night Light

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Painful toe stubs, the horrors the mind creates while walking in the dark — these are just two of the endless amount of things we face during our mid-night washroom runs. Well, with this product it doesn’t have to be that way. This motion detector night light automatically turns on with its motion sensor signals so you needn’t walk in the dark.

Reusable Mesh Produce Bags

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If you want your fridge to look neat and tiny then this product is a godsend. These mesh reusable bags are good for storing, protecting and preserving your veggies, fruits etc. Since they are reusable, you needn’t worry about wastage or polluting the environment.

Satin Pillow Covers

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Those with curly hair are all too familiar with this next item. But satin pillow covers aren’t only useful for those embracing their natural hair. When you use satin or silk covers, you are guaranteed to wake up with less frizzy hair. The fabric helps eliminate the friction caused between your hair and pillowcase while you sleep, in turn, reducing the static in the process.

Exfoliating Hand Towels

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Our body continuously produces dead skin, which, if not removed at least once a week can lead to blocked pores and other skin issues. Here’s where this product comes to the rescue. The Japanese exfoliating washcloths are taking over Insta, but this Amazon find is equally good and cost-friendly as well as easy to use.

Webcam Covers

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Do you have a small tape on your laptop webcam? Well, you are not alone. If you value your privacy or have watched too many crime shows that tell you any hacker can hack into your cam, then this Amazon product is just for you. Not only does it conveniently cover the cam, but you can just slide it whenever you have a video call.

Portable Bag Sealer

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Running out of rubber bands to seal your food packets? Aren’t we all? That’s where this portable bag sealer comes in handy. This heat sealer will easily reseal original plastic bags, keeping the food within, fresh.

Toothpaste Squeezer

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Every desi person is guilty of doing this— squeezing out the very last drop of toothpaste. Now, instead of struggling, all you need to do is attach this product to the end and pull it upward. This Amazon product is easy to use, cheap and keeps everything tidy.

Reusable Notebook

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We’re living in a sustainable world, so why are you still using your disposable paper notebooks? For those who are all for protecting the planet by reducing waste, this notebook is amazing. You can write down your agendas and once you’re done simply erase them off — you’ll never run out of paper.

Tabletop Foosball

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Work from is getting too boring and you need something to ease your mind? Well, we’ve got just the thing. This portable foosball will sit perfectly on your office table so whenever you feel like you need a break or need to clear your head, this will come in handy. It’s also useful for those who love hosting house parties and since it’s portable, you can even take it with you on your road trips.

Featured Image: Pexels