In today’s world everyone confuses chic and fashionable with big brand names, but here’s the thing, it’s not about the name, it’s about the clothes- the style you call your own. And you can be chic and fashionable within a budget of Rs.1000 rather than Rs.10,000. If you live in Mumbai we’ve got plenty of places where you can get the latest styles without breaking the bank. From Colaba’s fashion street to Hill Road’s Bandra to Andheri’Lokhandwalala. Here a look of what street shopping in Bandra can get you.

Bandra- Hill Road and Linking Road

Bandra is filled with hawkers selling fashionable clothes with tops not more than Rs.400 and trendy slippers for Rs.200+. Now the footwear is not guaranteed to last very long (depends on how often you wear it) but when they are for Rs.200 you can buy multiple pairs to match your outfits.

street shoppingstreet shopping

If street shopping isn’t your thing, then you can also find shops/ boutiques hidden away on the pavements. Here you will find some high-quality material within Rs 1000. From simple tees within Rs.200 to semi-formal tops within Rs 500 to maxi’s under Rs 1000, you can get it all here.

shoppingbandra shopping

And when it comes to jeans and leggings, well, that won’t be a problem to find either as the moment you step onto the street you will have the shop boys holding up a pair of jeans in your face.(Warning, they are annoying if you aren’t looking for a pair.)

bandra shopping

And finally jewellery. where do we start with this one? There is no shortage of artificial jewellery on the streets of Hill Road. If you’re lucky you might just find a few selling some trendy pieces at Rs 150 for 2. Yes, this does exist but unfortunately, you don’t always find them.


So here you go. Create that chic look all within Rs.1000. A piece of advice- Make sure you BARGAIN because they start with the highest prices and eventually get down to the actual price.