With the advancement of technology, people have gradually abandoned conventional methods of cooking and have resorted to newer and hassle-free ones. Nowadays, a microwave oven is an indispensable feature in a kitchen- it makes life easier for the ones who cook. There are many microwave ovens available in the market with superb features. However, the prices of those ovens are quite high, and it might not be possible for everybody to afford those machines. So, we present you with a list of top five microwave ovens found in the Indian market which is cheap and at the same time possess all the necessary features required for modern day cooking.

Electrolux 20L Solo Microwave Oven


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This microwave oven comes with five power levels, a “pull door-opening” feature and a “powder-coated cavity.” It possesses both auto defrost and smart wave technology. Its power is around 1200 watts and generally, works at a level of 235-240 watts. There is a 3-year warranty on this product’s magnetron, and its price is only Rs. 4700.

Bajaj 17L Solo Microwave Oven

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This one again comes with five power levels and an auto-defrost technology. It has a mechanical timer with an alarm which rings out when cooking is complete. It has a capacity of 17L, and its price is only Rs 5290.

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Haier 20L Solo Microwave Oven


This microwave oven comes with an enamel-coated cavity, a timer and manual defrost. Its power capacity is 700 watts, and it operates at a level of 200-250 volts. On buying this product, one gets a cookware kit, a warranty card, and a Round Wire Rack for free. The product itself has a warranty of 1 year while there is a 3-year warranty on its magnetron. Its price is only Rs 5790.

Onida 20L Power Solo Microwave Oven

cheap microwaves

This microwave oven costs only Rs 5890. Its features include handle-controlling door, express cooking, and speed-defrost by time. Its power is 700 watts, and it possesses a mechanical timer. The product has a warranty of a year on it, and its capacity is 20 L. Its cavity can be cleaned without any difficulty, and it prepares quality food within a very short span of time.


Morphy Richards 20MS 20L Solo Microwave Oven

Morphy Richards microwaves

This microwave oven is a solo model which comes with a host of mind-blowing features. It has a “powder-coated cavity,” a volume of 20 L and a mirror glass-door. It has a power input of 1270 watts while an output of 800 watts. It also has a defrost function. There is a warranty of 2 years on the product. Its price is only Rs 7395.


All the microwave ovens mentioned above have features that will make your life easier- defrosting; reheating, cooking, etc. can be done in a jiffy with the help of these gadgets.  These microwave ovens not only make your life hassle-free and less strenuous, but they also help you save time and money which you can devote elsewhere. They not only have great features, but they also look good and one of these adorning your kitchen would be great! So, if you are looking for microwave ovens costing less than 10,000, you can surely go for one of these.