If you’ve been binge-watching Euphoria, then there’s probably one thing going through your mind — I need to try those makeup looks. While Jules’s makeup is almost always minimum, it can make anyone’s head turn while Maddy’s eye makeup looks are enough to grab everyone’s attention. But whether or not you’ve been Euphoria-inspired, we’ve listed down a bunch of Gen-Z-inspired beauty looks that are not only insta worthy but will also have all eye’s on you wherever you go. Best of all, you can create all these looks on a budget! Keep on reading to find out what they are.

1. Black Lipstick

Euphoria makeup

Yes, the gothic look is in but with a little twist. Instead of pairing it with bold black eyeliner like back in the days, it’s better to keep the rest of your makeup to minimal when opting for this trend. The bold black lips are enough to stand out on their own. If you’re not too sure about the colour black but still want to hop on this trend wagon, you can go for a deep purple shade that delivers the same results.


2. Graphic Cat-Eye Liner

This one has been doing its rounds for a while now but it’s no longer limited to just black eyeliner. Whether it’s a bold flick going from your brow bone all the way to your upper lash line or a simple flick floating at the end of your eye, you can take this look one step further by opting for a bold bright colour. Neons, gold, and even white — nothing is off-limits.


3. Nude Nails

Nude nails

When it comes to nails, you can go all out but RN the trend that is taking over the beauty charts is a subtle nude. It’s clean, simple and if you’re a minimalist, this color should definitely be part of your vanity set.


4. Jeweled Eyes

Euphoria maddy eye makeup

This list wouldn’t be complete without jeweled eyes. Thanks to Euphoria season 2, everyone’s back to bedazzling their eyes and since we still have to wear face masks, this is a great way to make a bold, eye statement.
DIY hack: If you aren’t keen on using face glue to stick these little beads, you could also use tiny bindis. But beware, they might not stay in place till the end of the night.

5. Natural Middle Hair Partition

And finally, a beauty list wouldn’t possibly be complete without a hair trend. Now we all know that natural hair is in, so ladies, put down that flat iron and embrace those curls. And for those Millennials bold enough, you can embrace the Gen-Z middle hair partition.