There are many lipstick brands that claim to be long lasting but when push comes to shove, they fail the test. But now there is one brand that lives up to its name!

What is it?

We’re talking about the new Maybelline super stay 24 colour lipstick.

matte lipstickWhat’s so great about this product is that it will last you the entire night of drinking and partying without even causing a slight smudge. The pros to this lipstick are that there is no crumbling, no caking, no fading and no transferring. It also provides high coverage without the bleeding. Best of all this product will only cost you only Rs650.

And along with pros, there has got to be a few cons as well. While it does last the whole day, they do tend to crack towards the end. Removing this lipstick is a task as you will need to use an oil-based makeup remover or even your basic coconut oil would do. Other than this, the product is amazing for its price.

How to use this lipstick?

matte lipsticksThere are two applicators which need to be used in the following steps.

Step 1- Apply the colour

Step 2- Let it dry for a minute

Step 3- Apply the chapstick which is on the other end.

Note: If you apply the chapstick before the colour, the colour won’t catch and if you choose to not use the chapstick, your lips will feel sticky.The chapstick gives your lips a glossy finish.

You have 20 amazing shades to choose from, each suited for different skin tones.

If you’re looking for the perfect long lasting lipstick then this should definitely be on your list. Maybelline has surely stepped up its game with this long-lasting lipstick and we can’t wait to see what they have in store next.