Pack-A-Pav puts a whole new twist on street food. Located in Pali, Bandra this tiny eatery takes the famous pav ( a type of bread) loved by Mumbaikars everywhere and tweaks it up a bit.

The eatery is located right next to Candies but if you’re expecting a big restaurant or even just a street cart then you’re wrong.

pack a pav

The shop is relatively small as compared to other eateries but don’t be fooled by its size! The chef uses his culinary skills to whip some delicious delights.

The Pav-ilicious Menu

Even though they have a limited menu you can be sure that everything on it is delectable. They have some mouthwatering mutton and chicken pavs to choose from. And if you’re a vegetarian then need not worry as there is something for you as well. Their mushroom, soy kheema and panner pav are well-liked amongst the non-meat eaters.

Irani Chicken PavThe Irani Chicken Pav is loaded with a curd basil dip, fried onions, coconut chutney and a very crispy chicken cutlet.

pack a pavIf you can handle your spice then you should try the mutton Shammi pav which consists of red garlic paste, curd basil, a mutton cutlet and garnished with fried onions.

pack a pavAnd for all you Nutella lovers out there, they also have a special Nutella and cheese pav.

pack a pav packingIf you can’t make it to the outlet, don’t worry, as they deliver as well. And the food is packed in airtight plastic containers keeping it warm and fresh until it reaches you.

Another good thing about this eatery is that it’s open until 1 AM. So, if all that bar-hopping builds up an appetite, you know where you can go to munch on some delicious delights.

Address: Shop 2, St. Andrews Road, Near New India General Store, Pali Hill, Bandra West
Phone Numbers: +91 9920230240 +91 9920661222
Juhu 3, House G-29, A.B Nair Road, Juhu, Mumbai
Phone Numbers: +91 9920195603 +91 9920230240