It’s quite a task trying to find a cheap place to drink and unwind in Bombay but we’ve got a few hidden gems that not only serve delicious food but you can drink until you’re tipsy without burning a hole in your pocket. So take note and keep your weekends free as we’ve got a few must-try places if you’re looking out for bars all within a budget in the city.

 Janata Bar & Restaurant

Cheap bars in bandra

If you’ve studied or lived in Bandra then this place should come as no surprise. This bar has better food and drinks as compared to any big restaurant around and all for a very cheap price. This is such a loved place that you’ll never find it empty. But if you expect to have a table to yourself then think again. Because of its popularity, it’s always crowded and in order to entertain everyone, they have the concept of share tables, meaning if it’s only 2 on a bench don’t be surprised if you have others seated right next to you. Cheap booze, good food and a great way to meet new people, what more could you ask for?


cheap bar in colabaThis is a favourite amongst college goers. Located in Colaba, this bar attracts teenagers, adults and foreigners alike. And there’s a reason why. Their 30ml of old monk will not cost you more than Rs.50 while you can get a whiskey for Rs.30. At Gokul’s, you can drink till you’re high without breaking the bank.


cheap barsLocated near Bandstand, Bandra West, this place may have gotten a makeover but the prices for their food and drinks are still within a reasonable rate. You can enjoy some delicious North Indian, Konkan, seafood delicacies while sipping on your favourite alcohol without burning a hole in your pocket. Yacthes in Bandra is another go-to place if you’re cost-savvy but still want to drink.

House of food

cheap resto barsLocated in Azad Nagar, Andheri, this is the place to be if you just want to drink. Unlike the other places mentioned above, the food here is not up to the mark but they do provide cheap booze. So it’s the best place to go and get your pre-drink game on before heading out to the clubs.


saisa bandraThis is another must visit place if you’re looking for good food and cheap booze. With a 100 bucks entry fee, Saisa is a must try if you don’t want to burn a hole in your pocket on a Friday night.