In Bombay, there is an endless supply of shopping options, be it luxury goods or street shopping. So with so many options, it gets tiring to jump around from one place to another. Lucky for you, there is one area in Bombay which sells everything from food, electronics, home décor etc all on one street. So if you’re into budgeted shopping and want everything in one location then Irla is the place to be.


What Do You Get Here?

This shopping street is located in Vile Parle. In the narrow lanes of Irla, you’ll find stores numbered as Alfa 1, Alfa 2,  Alfa 3, Alfa 4 and Alfa 5. All these stores sell various products and is almost always crowded.

alfa 2

So what do you get here?  Well, in Alfa 1 you’ll find everything food related which includes food supplies, snacks and packaged food items and even foreign food products.

The Alfa 2 store sells electronics especially mobiles (which you get for a cheaper price). You also get jewellery of well-known brands and other beauty products.

Irla Market

At Alfa 3, you can find products for your home like decorative pieces, table clothes, kitchen electronics, utensils, cutlery, toys. Even other electronic items like TV, fridge, Digicams, DSLRs etc can be found here.


And at Alfa 4 and 5 is where you can do your clothes shopping. You will also find street vendors right outside the shops selling mostly women’s clothing.

This one street is filled with shops catering to whatever you need. With all that walking around, you are sure to get hungry. If you do, you can have a quick bite from one of the food vendors located outside the shops.

If you do plan to go here, be warned as it is noisy and crowded with people all the time, especially on the weekend.