We’re slowly going back to our pre-pandemic days and that means venturing out to meet friends and family and not to forget, finding good places to eat. Yes, this lockdown has got us all craving for our favourite cuisines and now that businesses are opening up, we’re again, faced with the age-old dilemma of what to eat! Well, lucky for you, we’ve got just the perfect place for your post-pandemic outing— all while taking the proper precaution, of course! Well, if this lockdown has brought about a serious craving of Asian food like sushi and tempuras, then we’ve got just the place that will not only allow you to eat to your heart’s content but it will also be easy on your wallet.
We’re talking about a buffet-style restaurant that serves some of the finest Pan Asian food all below Rs. 1500. So, the next time you need to treat your friends or looking for a nice cosy place to take your date, keep this restaurant in mind.

Best Pan Asian Buffet In Bombay

Intrigued to know the name? Well, we’re talking about Global Fusion. If the name sounds familiar, don’t be surprised. This restaurant has been around for more than a decade and has won the hearts of everyone who enters, not only with its food but also its ambience, price and service. Even after the lockdown, they have stuck to their traditions.
Keep on reading to learn more about why this restaurant deserves your attention.


Since we’re still living in a pandemic-riddled world, it’s important to keep in mind the necessary precautions needed to keep ourselves and others safe. When it comes to the safety rules for restaurants, Global Fusion follows them to the T. From temperature checks to hand sensitization before entering, to waiters and staff wearing their masks — they’ve got it all down.


The star of the show – the FOOD! Trust me, when it comes to spending on quality food, this restaurant doesn’t disappoint. Unlike other restaurants, this only provides a buffet system, so don’t expect a server to hand you a menu, the moment you’re seated.
Once you’ve settled in, you can walk over to the buffet which is filled with a variety of options, all of which look and taste amazing. The best part — there is no limit to the number of servings. You can go to the buffet table for a refill once or even 10 times, it doesn’t affect the bill.
Here’s what the process consists of:

  • The first 3 tables have a chit process where you take a chit of the dish you love (there’s no limit as to how many chits you take) and give them to your server when you are back at your table.
    Note: Do not hand over all your chits at once; otherwise your table is going to be overfilled with food.
  • The next few tables are self-service. You grab your plate and take whatever gets you drooling. From chicken to sushi and veggie delights — the list is never-ending.
  • The main course — yes, there is the main course as well but the appetizers are just so damn delicious that the kinds of pasta, koftas and curries, don’t really get a lot of attention. Nevertheless, it still lives up to the quality taste test.
  • Finally, dessert! If you have a sweet tooth, then you won’t be disappointed. The desserts here vary from Indian sweets like Gulab jamuns, gajar ka halwa, to westernised options like New York cheesecake, red velvet cake, tiramisu, brownies to the classic BnR ice cream in 3 flavours.

Already stuffed reading this? Yea, we weren’t lying when we said you can eat to your heart’s content.


Last but not least, the ambience. As we all know, aside from the food, the look and feel of the place, the behaviour of the staff, everything affects your overall experience of a restaurant.
Well, at Global Fusion, the staff is very professional, cordial and extremely helpful whereas, the decor is absolutely breathtaking.
Not only is the restaurant spacious, it even has little Koi ponds going through the entire restaurant. So you can watch the fish swim as you enjoy your meal.

In conclusion, for less than Rs.1500, you get everything from an unlimited buffet of the finest Pan-Asian food.