For those with curly hair like myself, it’s a struggle to get those perfectly defined curls. One wrong product and your whole CGM method goes for a toss. While there are plenty of sulfate-free hair care products out there, not all of them are within everyone’s budget. I love the hair gel. It adds volume to my hair and holds my curls in place no matter the humidity. But I save it for special occasions or during the monsoons (due to the humidity levels, my curls start to have a mind of its own) because of the price. Spending 1k for a hair gel may not sit right with everyone no matter if they have the money to spend or if the product is really good. So, I scoured the net, went from post to post trying to find the best sulfate and paraben-free hair products that will nourish my curls and help them look their best without burning a hole in my pocket. During this search, I found products that made my hair super soft and others that caused terrible hair fall. While I have not tried all the curly hair products yet (who has, right?), here are my top 3 so far. These are budget-friendly and do the job right.

Note: This is not a paid promotion. It’s just products I like, and which work for my curly hair.

Re’equil and Arata are two budget-friendly brands that do the job right. I heard a lot of talk about Arata products on different groups dedicated to curly hair whereas I just happened to stumble upon Re’equil Conditioner during my window shopping on Amazon and after I dug deeper and found out more about the brand, I decided to give this conditioner a try.


Arata is a zero-chemicals brand that is cruelty-free and vegan friendly. Their products claim to have No toxic ingredients like SLS, parabens, heavy metals, dyes, triclosan, SLES, formaldehyde, chlorine, phosphates etc. While I haven’t tried all their products, I am absolutely in love with their hair gel and shampoo. The shampoo doesn’t lather up much while the hair gel holds my curls tightly in place for a while. Here are my pros and cons of the Arata products.

Arata Shampoo


It’s zero chemicals

Doesn’t cause hair fall

Does the job well


Has only a faint fragrance

You need to use a lot of shampoo to clean your hair thoroughly.

Arata Hair Gel

Arata Hair Gel


Enhances curls

Made from natural ingredients

No parabens or sulfates


Just this product by itself, won’t hold your curls for too long.

Too much can make your hair feel a bit dry

Re’equil Conditioner

The Re’equil Babassu Anti-Frizz And Smoothening Hair Conditioner is Rs 350 and claims to repair dry, frizzy, unruly hair while lending shine and lustre to frizzy hair. According to their website, it’s infused with Organic Babassu oil from the amazon rainforests which is a natural alternative to silicones. This helps condition the hair, without silicone build-up on the scalp. After trying this conditioner, I’d say it’s a perfect match for my curly hair.


Smooth creamy texture

Mild fragrance

Detangles hair effortlessly



If you have shoulder-length hair or longer you might need more than 150ml every month.

Disclaimer: Every hair type is different. This review is based on my personal experience with these products. 

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